« The company’s commitment is to address patients’ unmet needs by identifying new indications for approved drugs and drug candidates. Harmonic Pharma’s core business is about repositioning those safe drugs, which means characterizing, patenting, and licensing out the assets. We believe that the way we process polypharmacology is one of the most innovative, efficient, and cost-effective means to deliver new and safe treatments to underserved patient population ».

Michel Souchet, PhD, CEO

Harmonic Pharma is seeking partners to co-develop or license out its current portfolio of repositioned drugs in three therapeutic areas:

• Oncology : lung cancers and eye melanoma as target indications. A strategic R&D partnership of several years with the Institut Curie, a world-leading anti-cancer center, aimed at developing the company’s patented molecules e.g. HPH112 and HPH211
• Inflammatory diseases : The company heads a consortium named «Le Bois Santé» LBS© which includes several Lorraine laboratories i.e. LERMAB, LRGP and LORIA and the industrial partner NSG. The aim of the consortium is to develop compounds suitable to respiratory health
• Infectious diseases : The company is setting up an international multicenter feasibility study

A time-effective preclinical evaluation to get quickly to clinical trials

Harmonic Pharma has developed a proprietary polypharmacology platform using spherical harmonic based shapes of safe drugs [Karaboga et al. 2013]. The resulting polypharmacology profile [Perez-Nueno et al. 2014], characterizes drugs that have already gone through extensive preclinical testing and shown safety in their original indication. The process is completed with in vitro assays and in vivo validations performed with pathophysiological models pertinent to human diseases to give rise to a suitable therapeutic window in the identified new indication. Drugs are subsequently patented in their novel therapeutic use to be licensed out or co-developed.